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Professionals choose DataTree to search, discover and share the property-centric information contained in public records, recorded documents, title plants and more. Here's why you should choose DataTree too...

Search the Nation

Search for a specific property or conduct a nationwide owner search.

Leverage Verified Record

Gain confidence and security from data that's been digitally matched by at least two sources.

Access Title Information

Gain real time access to chain of title through the Title Chain and Lien Report.

Unlock Document Data

FlexSearch unlocks all of the text contained in billions of recorded document images.

Search on Your Terms

Search multiple properties with integrated map, address, owner, APN and advanced search options.

Propel Your Workflow

Search results appear as you type and property reports instantly appear with just a click.

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Access Current, Accurate Data

Put our ever-growing database of real estate data to work for your business. Gain easy, online access via or we can create a custom data solution to match your specific data and delivery needs.

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Parcel Boundaries
Deeds and Mortgages
Releases, Assignments, Foreclosures and Subordinations
All Recorded Document Images
MLS Data

FlexSearch Unlocks All the Data in Documents

FlexSearch provides the precision and flexibility to search all of the text on billions of public record document images nationwide. Discover the documents that contain the text you seek and only order the documents you need.

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