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Verified Record

Look for the Verified Record symbol on standard conveyances and mortgages. When the symbol is present, you’ll know that the key fields in the transaction have been digitally matched between multiple independent sources.

The New Data Best Practice.

In addition to the rigorous data best practices applied to all the data available on DataTree.com, the inclusion of Verified Record adds unique benefits.

independent sourcesOperate with the confidence and security that the information you rely on for key business decisions has been digitally matched by multiple, independent sources.

Digitally MatchedSave valuable time and money by minimizing the need to conduct your own independent verification process.

data leadershipRely on First American and its long history of data leadership in real estate finance and settlement services


Put your trust in DataTree, the property-centric research solution focused on data accuracy and integrity and the only solution that offers Verified Record.
DataTree Verified Record