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Access Real Estate Data That Sparks Academic Exploration, Creativity and Results

First American’s University Data Hub is where college faculty and students discover and begin to work with Big Data! The kind of big data that is easily understood, accessible and immensely practical – Real Estate Data.

Academic Research, Analysis and Conclusions
Start with a Solid Foundation of Data

First American provides the depth and breadth of nationwide Real Estate Data
to accomplish your academic research goals.

US Property Ownership Data
Deeds & Mortgages
Mortgage Assignments & Lien Releases
Homeowner Association Information
Map & Parcel Boundaries

Plus, access to data covering:

  • Over 140 million real property parcels

  • Over 400 million historical real estate transactions

  • The largest collection of public record information in the industry
  • Nationwide real estate listing information

  • Homeowners Association information

  • Unique data sets, such as land use agreements, leases, powers of attorney, government lien data, homeowners’ assessment liens, bankruptcy filings and more.

Leverage Real Estate Data to Your University’s Advantage

The ability to draw accurate conclusions and make informed decisions comes from having the right data. First American’s real estate data empowers students and faculty, in departments throughout campus.

Access parcel or lot information, property characteristics like square footage or number of bedrooms, data on homes listed for sale and more. Data is scalable to give you real estate intelligence at the property, neighborhood, zip, county, state and national levels.

Housing is a major driver in the U.S. economy, and with First American’s data, you will be able to provide economic insight relating to this key economic sector.

Leverage data as part of a research project to discover how changes in real estate, such as an increase in foreclosures, may impact families in specific region or on a national level.

What is the relation of homeownership and health? Does owning a home in a certain zip code make you more or less likely to increase your life expectancy?

Get the real estate data to answer these questions and more. First American’s University Data Hub is the source to help students and faculty research real estate and begin to understand the impact it has on the economy and our life.

Use First American’s real estate data to develop customized reports,
such as a Housing Affordability as Mortgage Interest Rates Rise report.


Gain Discounted Access to the Best Real Data for Universities

First American offers special pricing for colleges, universities, libraries and more through our flexible options.


Access the Entire Dataset

When your university licenses our complete set of data, your faculty and students will have the current, accurate data to gain national insight on real estate activity.


Get Just the Data You Need

Whether you are focused on a specific state or data set, First American provides the data to meet your needs perfectly.

Learn More About the Data You’ll Discover Through the First American University Data Hub Program