Real Estate Data Licensing

What Will You Build With Our Property-Centric Data?
Today’s smart businesses thrive on data, but merely having data is not enough. You need the right data to embrace the opportunities that data can deliver. First American provides the property, homeownership, HOA and mortgage data to deliver on your business goals.


Put our ever-growing database of real estate data to work for your business. Gain easy, online access via or we can create a custom data solution to match your specific data and delivery needs.

Property Ownership Data
Deeds, Mortgages & Foreclosures
Assignments &
Lien Releases
Homeowner Association Information
Map & Parcel Boundaries

Plus, gain access to over 6 billion recorded document images and 1.8 million active real estate listings.

Our Data Is Your Business Advantage.

Gain the advantgage of access to the property data that meets your exact specifications.

Tax Assessor Data

When you need to understand real property within a county, state or even the nation, First American’s data experts do the work of collecting, analyzing and quality checking the data so you can focus on leveraging the tax assessor data that can include:

  • Real property ownership names
  • Mailing address
  • Physical location (including, address, legal description, municipality)
  • Assessed property values
  • Related tax amounts
  • Property types
  • Land use codes
  • Building characteristics (including bedrooms, baths, square footage)
  • Lot descriptors (such as acreage, slope type and sewer system)

Real Estate Listings

Real estate listing data provides rich details on the features of a home to give you a complete view of a property.

  • Property Location
  • Property Characteristics
  • Nearby Schools
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Utilities
  • Listing Price – Max, Min, Sold
  • Listing Status
  • Days on Market

County Recorder Data

Leverage recorded transaction data that include events that are recorded against a property or person such as:

  • Deed Transfers
    • Quitclaims
    • Sales
    • REO
  • Mortgages
    • Purchase
    • Refinance
    • Home Equity
    • HELOC

Plus, experience the data certainty of Verified Record with standard transaction data

Logic Applied Property Data

By applying calculations to a data set, First American delivers intelligent data that matches your needs. Examples include:

  • LTV / CLTV
  • Equity dollar and %
  • Total open liens

Releases, Assignments & Foreclosure Data

Go beyond deeds and mortgages and discover mortgage activities that include:

  • Pre-Foreclosure filings
  • Foreclosures
  • Mortgage releases
  • Mortgage assignments

HOA / COA Data

Access nationwide HOA data, including data in the Super Lien States. Available HOA data includes:

  • HOA Name (s)
  • HOA Fee Type (s)
  • HOA Fee (value)
  • HOA Fee Frequency
  • HOA Contact (s)
  • HOA Contact Type
  • Contact (Name, Address, Phone & Email)

Property Valuation Data

When you need property values for your data file, then choose the valuation data set to provide you with:

  • Estimated low value
  • Estimated high value
  • Final value
  • Value ranges
  • Value confidence
  • Comps used in valuation calculation

Our Real Estate Data In Action.

Innovators use First American’s data to overcome business challenges and embrace new opportunities. Here are just a few examples of data innovation in action.

National Mortgage Lender

Customer acquisition and retention is a top priority for lenders. By choosing to leverage our entire property database and our proprietary home finance prediction models, a national mortgage lender gained insight into prospects, as well as the once hidden opportunities in their loan portfolio.

National AMC

A national appraisal management company leverages assessor data to quality check the hundreds of appraisals they receive daily.

Real Estate Analytics Provider

In order to provide real estate forecasts, analytics and models, a real estate analytics provider leverages our current and accurate data to provide both local and national real estate market intelligence.

Marketing & Promotions Firm

Generating market lists of new property owners based on recent sales from our recorder data, helps a marketing firm to best identify and offer products and services to the new homeowners.

More Than Data, Unquestionable Data Expertise's OK. Please ask our data experts as many questions as you  like. Here are just a few to get you started...

Q1: Do you offer the real estate data I need?

Yes, as the largest provider of property data and recorded document images, we are the go to choice for innovators who need reliable data.

Q2: How accurate and current is your data?

We update our data daily. We choose the best sources for data, including data that comes direct from the source (which sometimes means a DVD picked up directly from the assessors office!)

Q3: Can I trust building my business with your data?

Yes, we are the data division for First American, a company that has been in the real estate business for over 125 years. Plus, we are the only data provider to offer Verified Record, which means certain standard recorded transaction data is digitally matched and verified by at least two independent sources.

What Will You Build with Our Data?

Data is the new currency that is driving business.

What killer app will you build? What action will you take? What decisions will be made with greater certainty? How many new customers will you reach? What trends will you spot? What investment opportunities will you identify? What reports will you create? What dreams will you fulfill?

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