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While some transactions require a search for a specific piece of property data or record, professionals often want to evaluate multiple details about a property, or properties, to see the larger picture. Concise yet thorough, our property reports provide a quick snapshot of the real estate data elements you need in a single view. As efficiency improves, so does the ability to communicate property details to colleagues and customers alike.

Automated Property Reports

In addition to professionally fulfilled reports, we offer automated property reports that provide immediate answers to your real estate data questions.


Total View Report

The Total View Report encompasses all the decision-making data you may need, including property, ownership, encumbrance and market information — plus, HOA data and other details unavailable in competing property reports on the market.


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Property Detail Report

Choose the Property Detail Report for a comprehensive property view, including characteristics, location, zoning, flood, owner vesting, last two market sales, mortgage recordings and basic tax information like assessed value and current-year property tax details.


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Title Chain and Lien Report

The Title Chain and Lien Report represents the most comprehensive and inclusive search available of the owner and the property. Drawing directly from First American’s title plants, gain insight into the property title chain and a single view of all the transactions.


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Open Lien Report

Discover complete details for open mortgage liens, including assignments, releases and subordinations. Find the tax status, with tax information where available, plus assessment details. Get ownership/vesting information, last market sale, foreclosure sales and basic property details.


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Foreclosure Report

Uncover the essential information on properties at all stages of foreclosure and those subject to pending legal action. Detailed data is presented for the most recent foreclosure transaction and the original mortgage along with property characteristic data.


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Sales Comparables Report

Choose the Sales Comparables Report for a quick view of the current market and comparable sales information on up to 50 properties, including market prices, property characteristics, land use, flood zone code and assessed values of other nearby properties.


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Transaction History Report

The Transaction History Report delivers comprehensive transaction history details including all ownership transfers like quit claims and market sales, plus any mortgages (sale or refinance). You’ll be able to quickly analyze lien position and understand a property’s financial situation.


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Instant Recordable Legal Report

The Instant Recordable Legal Report immediately delivers a full legal description on a subject property. Our legal descriptions are modeled for accuracy to ensure the highest quality output is returned.


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HOA Lien Report

Built using industry-leading property, ownership, mortgage and HOA databases, the HOA Lien Report delivers a comprehensive, but brief overview of any HOA lien activity on a property. This enables you to monitor the lien status, and take action to protect assets when needed.


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Neighbors Report

Once you zero in on a subject property and want to learn more about the nearby properties and their owners, the Neighbors Report will fill you in. You’ll have access to owner names, occupancy and property details.


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Market Statistics Report

Discover 12 rolling months of dynamically calculated statistics for the group of properties resulting from a property search. The Market Statistics Report provides a summary analysis of all the properties that have been searched, including characteristics, sales activity, equity, owner occupancy and turnover ratios.


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Schools Report

Schools Report gives detailed information about the public school assignments for a property, includes student demographics, proficiency testing scores and state ranking.


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PACE Lien Report

Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) Report highlights the financing activity for PACE liens placed on a property. The report also displays any open PACE liens, as well as historical liens that have since been closed.


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Custom Property Profile Packages

Choose from a wide variety of reports and documents to build customized, professional packages for your customers — with a branded cover page to make it your own. Our team is available to help create the perfectly tailored package for you.