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PACE Lien Intelligence Data
to Drive Your Business

Target properties for clean energy upgrades and financing, locate PACE borrowers and get more accurate CLTV calculations.

Lenders Choose PACE Lien Data from DataTree® to Deliver Actionable Insights

Locate property owners with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans, plus get actionable insights like the amount available for improvements and other useful loan details. DataTree's PACE loan data set connects to our nationwide real estate, homeowner and mortgage databases to give you a more comprehensive view of which properties are prime candidates for energy efficient upgrades or financing

  • Total Loan Amount
  • Loan Term
  • Amount of the Available Funds
  • Date of the Loan
  • Type of Improvements
  • Lender Name
  • Interest Rate
  • Prepayment Penalty Indicator

Use PACE Loan Data to Capture More Customers

Fire up your data-driven marketing program to target property owners who have:

  • A current PACE loan, increasing the likelihood they’ll apply again
  • Funds eligible for clean energy projects and the amount remaining
  • A positive home equity estimation, but no PACE lien

United Data Intelligence for Evaluating New PACE Loans

With DataTree, you get more than just PACE lien information - you benefit from multiple industry-leading data sources all working together to deliver an overall picture of the property, tax status, lien details and more. PACE loans in the DataTree databases are linked to the property, connecting them to other voluntary and involuntary liens for a more accurate Combined Loan-to-Value (CLTV) calculation and deeper understanding of the owner's property-related debt.

Experience Data @ Your Service

Put our data and experts to work for you today. Get PACE Loan Data in bulk to incorporate it any way your business needs, or leverage our experts who will match and append it to your in-house datasets for in-depth insights and analytics.


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