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DataTree delivers property data, ownership information, mortgage insight and document retrieval capabilities for any portion of the mortgage lifecycle. And get even more with the self-service portal that offers O & E Reports, flood determinations, conventional appraisals and more. Track your orders from request to completion within a single gateway – no-follow up requests or guessing when an order will be complete.

Property and Ownership Verification

Verify Property and Ownership Information, Acquire Documents, Order Valuations and Discover Once Nearly Undiscoverable Information.

  • Search nationwide for homeowners and properties
  • Find mortgages, undisclosed liens and property ownership information
  • Order valuations to fit any mortgage scenario
  • Search the full text in billions of recorded document images
  • Access the industry’s largest database of real estate data and document images

Home Equity Suite of Services

DataTree offers one location to fulfill many of the typical services you order when processing a loan – for a single property or list of multiple. Perfect for home equity lending scenarios or to simplify everyday loan production, you can request:
  • Flood Determinations - Basic, Life-of-Loan, or Flex Certification
  • Conventional Appraisals – FNMA Forms 1004 or 2055
  • Property Ownership & Encumbrance Reports - Current and Previous Owner
  • Alternative Valuations – BPOs or Property Assessment Collateral Evaluations (PACE)
  • Market Analysis Condition Report (MAC)
  • Appraisal Reviews – Field or Desktop
Mortgage Fraud and Verification


FraudGuard is the lending decision support tool designed to quickly and accurately identify fraud risk in mortgage transactions and facilitate compliance with changing regulations. Lenders trust FraudGuard to:

  • Identify potential fraud risk and errors in mortgage applications
  • Comply with evolving regulations
  • Improve the application review process
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4506-T Service

Verifying income for both the Dodd-Frank Act and Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative (LQI) income verification requirement couldn’t be any easier. Choose our fast, accurate and web based 4506-T service to:

  • Quickly validate an applicants’ income
  • Gain compliance with income verification requirements and regulations
  • Reduce lending risk and mitigate mortgage fraud losses
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SafeCheck can quickly and accurately validate an applicant's Social Security Number and identity and surface issues during pre-funding, including:

  • Invalid or not yet issued SSNs
  • Multiple identities associated with SSN
  • SSN is reported for a deceased person
  • SSN is no longer reported by consumer reporting agency
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Watchlist Review

Search efficiently for a person or company against several industry watch and exclusionary lists. Gain insight into findings with instant “Hit” or “No Hit” notification.

  • Search several watch list databases at once
  • Comply with multiple regulations
  • Minimize time and costs

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Regulatory Compliance


PredProtect Regulatory Compliance Suite runs compliance checks on your loans in real time, alerting you to any potential violations so that corrections can be made before funding.

  • Remain compliant with challenging new regulations
  • Eliminate common compliance mistakes
  • Reduce costs through streamlining compliance review
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RegsData License Verification

RegsData SVARTM NMLS License Verification enables you to quickly, accurately and concisely verify compliance with Third-Party Originator state license requirements.

  • Assure compliance with the SAFE Act
  • Reduce risk of accepting business from unlicensed brokers
  • Streamline your third-party originator review process
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Third Party Review

Third Party Review (TPR) provides you with the ability to review 100% of third party originator application information with real-time license checks.

  • Assure compliance with the SAFE Act
  • Quickly and efficiently review prospective and current business partners
  • Reduce risk associated with third-party entities
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Civil / Criminal Background Checks

Make informed decisions about third party business partners and remain compliant by performing civil/ criminal background checks.

  • Efficiently review prospective and current business partners
  • Reduce risk associated with third-party entities
  • Comply with investor “entity review” policies
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