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Mortgage Lending Data & Analytic Solution Center

Mortgage Fraud and Verification Products


FraudGUARD helps strengthen loan quality and improves the application review process through greater speed and efficiency.

FraudGUARD is the comprehensive lending decision support tool that helps you to quickly and accurately identify potential fraud risk and errors in mortgage transactions and comply with regulations during the pre-funding, post- closing and due diligence phases of the loan cycle.

FraudGUARD brings multiple assessment risk tools together in one place. Two scores, an intuitive dashboard and workflow features helps your team process loan reviews more quickly, saving cost and increasing pull-through rates.

  • Detect fraud and errors in mortgage applications
  • Comply with evolving regulations
  • Improve your application review process

With the information provided by FraudGUARD, you can be confident that you are using the most reliable and comprehensive tool available to help avoid defaults, foreclosures and repurchases that can result from fraud and inaccurate application information, all while remaining compliant with the most recent lending regulations.


4506-T Service

The 4506-T service helps identify employment/income misrepresentation early in the application review process, improving operational efficiencies.

Obtain fast, accurate income verification of your applicants and comply with the Dodd-Frank Act and Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative (LQI), by using our comprehensive risk management and compliance solution based on IRS form 4506-T.

  • Quickly validate applicants’ income
  • Comply with income verification regulations
  • Reduce risk and mitigate fraud losses

Through a direct, secure connection to IRS databases, our 4506-T service returns transcripts of the four most recent tax returns filed in PDF format. Personal (1040, 1099, W-2, and K-1) and Business (1120 and 1065) filings are available.

Tax Transcripts

  • Stated Doc
    • Proof of filing (no income shown on report)
  • Stated Income/Wage
    • Confirmation with a Yes or No for provided income figure
  • Account Transcript
    • Verification of payments, penalties and adjustments after return filed
  • Record of Account
    • Record of taxes owed
    • Copy of amended transcript


Gain confidence in the identity of your loan applicants with SafeCheck -- a pre-funding tool that can quickly and accurately validate an applicant's Social Security Number (SSN) and identity.
  • Quickly and accurately test applicants’ identity
  • Detect identity theft pre-funding
  • Reduce Early Payment Defaults (EPDs)

The easy-to-read SafeCheck report delivers personal information linked to a queried SSN to identify the following important issues:

  • Invalid or not yet issued SSNs
  • Multiple identities associated with SSN
  • SSN was issued within the last three years
  • SSN was issued after age five (post 1990)
  • SSN is reported for a deceased person or
  • SSN was issued prior to the date of birth
  • SSN is no longer reported by consumer reporting agency

SafeCheck combines SSN verification from many sources, including multiple credit bureaus as well as public sources like the DMV and state professional licensing agencies.

By using this solution early in your application review process, you can be confident that applicants are who they say they are before resources are spent on application reviews and long before the loan is funded.


Watchlist Review

Watchlist Review enables you to search for a person or company against several industry watch and exclusionary lists.

The distinctive single source system performs each search using best-of-breed name matching software to identify any matching records, thus reducing the occurrence of false positives.

  • Search several watch list databases at once
  • Comply with multiple regulations
  • Minimize time and costs

Watchlist Review makes the list check process fast and efficient. A search can be run with simply the name of an individual or business as input. An intuitive report provides insight into findings with instant “Hit” or “No Hit” notification.

Comply with the Fannie Mae LQI validation of qualified parties, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) with Watchlist Review Module, part of First American's fraud and verification solutions.