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DataTree by First American is the leading provider of business insights and data solutions for the lending, financial and settlement service industries. We combine expertise in property-centric data with mortgage solutions that span the loan life cycle to deliver insights that drive informed business decisions, minimize risk and fuel innovation.

In the ever-changing housing market, lenders rely on First American solutions to originate, close and service quality loans. With the ability to instantly research properties, determine homeownership, verify valuations and gain fresh mortgage insights, our customers have the rich data assets and deep analytics they need to overcome challenges across the loan life cycle.

Loan Officer Tools

With DataTree’s portfolio monitoring solutions, you can proactively analyze the performance, value and position of liens for loans in your portfolio. You’ll also have the means to detect the presence of an HOA lien, as well as stay up-to-date on if properties in your portfolio are listed for sale. With any monitoring solution you select, we’ll clean up your addresses with our address standardization and matching process.

  • Additional Properties Owned
  • Open Lines
  • Primary Residence Verification
  • Current Loan to Value (CLTV)
  • Estimated Property Values
  • And Other Items Critical to Loan Officers

mortgage lifecycle

Mortgage Origination

  • acquisition Acquisition
  • processing Processing
  • underwriting Underwriting
  • closing Closing

Post-Closings & Servicing

  • post-closing-review Post-Closing Review
  • Due_Diligence Due Diligence

Default Servicing

  • lost-migration Lost Migration
  • foreclosure Foreclosure
  • reo REO

Borrower Fraud & Verification



FraudGuard is a lending-decision support tool designed to quickly and accurately identify fraud risk in mortgage transactions and facilitate compliance with changing regulations. Lenders trust FraudGuard to:

  • Identify potential fraud risk and errors in mortgage applications
  • Comply with evolving regulations
  • Improve the application review process

FLEX® (FraudNet Loan Exchange Review)

FLEX provides analytics across the inventory of submitted loans to identify anomalies in areas like income, occupancy, employment, broker risk profile, appraiser risk profile and private closed sales.


Income & Employment Verification

Verifying income for both the Dodd-Frank Act and Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative (LQI) income verification requirement couldn’t be any easier. Integrate with FraudGuard or use standalone for your tax needs. Choose our fast, accurate and web-based 4506-T service to:

  • Get alerts that call out employment & income discrepancies
  • Quickly validate an applicant’s income
  • Gain compliance with income verification requirements and regulations
  • Reduce lending risk and mitigate mortgage fraud losses
  • Identity check
  • Watchlist review


SafeCheck can quickly and accurately validate an applicant's Social Security number and identity and surface issues during pre-funding, including:

  • Identity validation
  • Invalid or not yet issued SSNs
  • Multiple identities associated with SSN
  • SSN is reported for a deceased person
  • SSN is no longer reported by consumer reporting agency

Like You, We Rely on Real Estate Data to Operate. We’ve Built a Comprehensive Database that Supports Our KPIs and Yours.

Key Performance Indicators for Lenders:

  • Identify issues early
  • Improve closing times
  • Increase pull-through rates
  • Decrease the cost to produce a loan
  • Grow market share

Ownership Verification & Property Valuation

Using the powerful analytics of FraudGuard backed by the robust datasets in DataTree, uncover possible liabilities and get real-time insights into debt-to-income (DTI) ratios and liabilities with other properties owned.


DataTree offers one location to fulfill many of the typical services you order when processing a loan, whether for a single property or a list of multiple properties. Use DataTree Online for research and validation — one tool to uncover a range of complex situations.


Perfect for home equity lending scenarios or to simplify everyday loan production, you can:

  • Search nationwide to find mortgages, undisclosed liens and property ownership information
  • Search the full text in billions of recorded document images
  • Access the industry’s largest database of real estate data and document images

Property Value Validation

From AVM to Equity, leverage valuations to fit any mortgage scenario by ordering these reports:

  • Flood Determinations – Basic, Life-of-Loan, or Flex Certification
  • Conventional Appraisals – FNMA Forms 1004 or 2055
  • Property Ownership & Encumbrance Reports – Current and Previous Owner
  • Alternative Valuations – BPOs or Property Assessment Collateral Evaluations (PACE)
  • Market Analysis Condition (MAC) Report
  • Appraisal Reviews

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining regulatory compliance is a formidable challenge, as nearly every aspect of the mortgage origination process is subject to regulation.


The RegsData compliance suite is a comprehensive, flexible loan-level solution independently certified by outside legal counsel that can deliver bundled compliance reports or individual tests as APIs at any point in the loan life cycle. Run checks on your loans in real time, and be alerted of potential violations so corrections can be made before funding — ensuring compliance with a variety of federal, state and local mortgage lending laws, rules and regulations at the loan level.

RegsData Can Help You:
  • Remain current with challenging new regulations
  • Eliminate common mistakes
  • Reduce costs through a streamlined review process
  • Focus on core business objectives while mitigating risk
  • Inform critical decisions and align with the SAFE Act
  • View 100% of third-party originator application information with real-time license checks


First American’s NMLS service searches NMLS Consumer Access data to validate the mortgage broker and loan officer's NMLS identity. It is a regulatory imperative to verify the appropriate mortgage licenses at the state and federal level.


First American’s NMLS service searches NMLS Consumer Access data to validate the mortgage broker and loan officer's NMLS identity. It is a regulatory imperative to verify the appropriate mortgage licenses at the state and federal level.

Flexible Delivery Options for Your Data


DataTree Online

Innovative, Industry-Leading Self-Service Web Platform

Digital Gateway API

System-to-System Connectivity to Fuel Your Own Solutions

Bulk Data Licensing

Delivery to Your Servers for Proprietary Solution Development

Advanced Data Solutions

Professional Services Customized to Meet Data/Analytic Needs

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