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Market with The Certainty of Data Intelligence

Get advanced marketing insight that transforms real estate data, homeownership information and behavior predictions into customers.

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Home Finance Prediction Scores for Smart Marketing

First American's marketing data combines industry-leading homeowner, real estate, and mortgage data with proprietary home finance prediction scores to indicate which homeowners are your prime prospects for refinance, purchase or home equity lending.

Refi Intel Score
Market directly to prospects, or your current portfolio of customers, who are likely to refinance in the next 3-4 months. The Refi Intel score can be generated for FHA, Conventional and cash-out refinance.
Equity Intel Score
The Equity Intel score provides an indication of which homeowners are likely to apply for a home equity loan or HELOC within the coming months.
Purchase Intel Score
Stay ahead of the competition, and maintain customer loyalty, using the Purchase Intel score to identify homeowners who are likely to sell their current property and obtain a new mortgage in 3-4 months.

Homeowner Marketing Data at Your Service

First American's Marketing Data is Ready to Work the Way You Do

DataTree Online Accesss
Online Access Through DataTree
  • Keep your marketing nimble and create your own targeted direct marketing lists, 24/7, through DataTree.com.

  • Get a whole new level of insight into your current marketing database. Upload your list into DataTree to match and append the Home Finance Prediction Scores to each property.
Data Experts
Put Our Data Experts to Work for You
  • The First American data team will work with you to deliver the homeowner and home finance marketing data you need in bulk, match and append to your own database, or through API.

  • License First American’s entire homeowner database and finance prediction scores, or just the specific data components you need.

Homeowner Marketing Data


New and Nearby Homeowners
Recent home buyers are known to actively search for new services, like bank locations close to home, homeowner’s insurance, home maintenance and improvement products, nearby shops and countless other services. Get new homeowner lists at the neighborhood, zip, city, county, state and national level to match your marketing budget and strategy.


Reverse Mortgage Data
Zero in on the best prospects for refinancing their Reverse Mortgage in your market, county, state or nationwide. First American reverse mortgage refinance lists are custom created to your specifications and are based on homeowner geography, current home value and estimated equity, mortgage history and more. 


Build Customer Loyalty
Cross-promote your banking services to current depository, equity, or business lending clients by matching their information with household income data, liquid asset estimates, current mortgage data, LTV, CLTV and more.


Household Income or Liquid Asset Estimations 
Get homeowner income and liquid asset estimations to engage with potential customers that not only have a need, but also the ability to, become your customer. You’ll see a boost in your ROI and response rates, and probably your bottom line. 


Property Flippers 
Easily identify investors who regularly purchase and sell homes within short periods of time. Filter by the type of property, date and number of transactions and location of the properties – city, county, state or national.

Customize Your Own Intelligent Data Set

With First American homeowner and mortgage data, you have countless options to find and target your exact audience.
Let us create your homeowner data sets based on any of the following:

  • Geographic Location:
    From the Neighborhood Level to National

  • Length of Ownership

  • Property Details:
    Square Footage, Room Count, Pool, Garage Size, Condominium and Many More

    • Most Recent Mortgage Transaction & Estimated Interest Rate
  • Refi Intel Score:
    Likelihood to Obtain FHA, Conventional or Cash-Out Refinance

  • Purchase Intel Score:
    Likelihood to Move or Relocate

  • Equity Intel Score:
    Likelihood to Obtain an Equity Loan or HELOC
    • Owner Occupied or Absentee

  • Listing Status & Information

  • Homes for Rent

  • Pre-foreclosure or Foreclosure Status

  • Estimated Home Value
  • Loan-to-Value and Combined-Loan-to-Value Estimations (LTV & CLTV)

  • Total Household Liquid Asset Estimation

  • Estimated Household Income

  • Flood Zone

  • And More!

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