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Fully understand your collateral position – no appraisal needed.

Order a Market Analysis and Condition (MAC) Report directly through DataTree

Gain the confidence you need to manage your portfolios, while meeting Interagency Guidelines for Evaluation content with the Market Analysis and Condition (MAC) Report. The MAC Report is an important tool that helps lenders meet current evaluation policies when used in tandem with an Automated Valuation Model (AVM).


With quick turn times, our cost-effective MAC Report can be combined with an AVM or desktop solution. We support your needs as a lender through our network of broker, realtor and appraiser inspectors, the simplicity of our reporting format, and breadth of data—giving you access to the information you need, quickly.


Gain Access to Valuable Lending Information

In conjunction with the AVM results, our professional network of inspectors will provide the information you need to move forward with a lending decision.

  • Reports are returned within 48-72 hours
  • Report includes market information and states the physical condition of the property
  • Helps lenders meet property inspection requirements outlined in the Interagency Guidelines for Evaluation content
  • Tiered approach provides the flexibility to upgrade to a hybrid desktop or proceed to an appraisal
  • Condition-rating scale is based on the Fannie Mae® Uniform Appraisal Data set for property condition ratings


Simple as Three Easy Steps

  • Run the current AVM cascade and receive results
  • Order the MAC Report to confirm the collateral is in average or better condition
  • Proceed with the lending transaction


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