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Proactively Monitor & Protect Your Assets

The Loan Portfolio Monitoring Service helps lenders and servicers proactively monitor and protect one of their bank’s largest assets and sources of revenue: the loan portfolio. With this service, we can help you minimize risk and prevent loss due to poor quality holdings.


It takes just three steps to actively monitor and protect your portfolio.

ReceiptSend our data experts your portfolio of loans and our data experts will get to work


Proactive MonitoringActivities that affect properties in your loan portfolio are tracked and monitored for you


Portfolio AlertNotifications are sent at your preferred frequency to alert you of changes in your holdings

Data and alert characteristics that may be monitored include:

Transaction Information

Transaction type (mortgage, transfer deed, release, assignment), document ID, recording date, loan amount, lender name, borrower name and owner name.

Real Estate Listing Data

Original listing date and listing sale price.

Delinquency Data

Delinquency document type, recording date, document ID, case number, borrower name, foreclosing lender, original loan amount, auction address, city and state.

Property Characteristics

Land use, APN, tax assessed value, building square footage, mailing address, subdivision, abbreviated legal description, block and lot, number of bedrooms and baths, and year built.