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HOA Lien Data 

HOA Lien Data from First American is the only resource you need to research, locate and neutralize HOA lien risk nationwide - on a single property or portfolio of any size.

Powered by First American’s industry leading title databases, HOA (Homeowners Association) Lien Data is assembled and matched from multiple sources, giving you a complete HOA lien solution that delivers critical lien data, association contact details and property and ownership information from one source.

HOA Lien Data Options Include: 

  • Document Number & Types
  • Property Owner Name & Address
  • Recording Date – for any HOA filing
  • Lien Amount
  • HOA/Management Firm Contact Info
  • Lawyer Name & Address (email & phone if available)
  • Auction Date (if available)
  • Case Number

Access HOA Lien Data the Way You Need It
First American makes HOA lien data available the way you need it - online, in bulk, match and append
to your portfolio, or leverage our data experts for full service portfolio monitoring.

The First American Advantage

HOA liens in First American’s database use a unique reference ID, which connects the lien to other filings related to the HOA. So you know exactly which liens need action or monitoring, and which are already resolved. Each HOA lien links to related filings, such as:

  • Releases and Rescissions
  • Pre-Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure Releases
  • REO Sales

HOA Data Beyond the Lien

Looking for information on an HOA other than liens? First American has you covered with other HOA data options, which may include:

  • HOA Fee Type (s)
  • HOA Fee (value)
  • Property Location
  • HOA Name (s)
  • HOA Fee Frequency
  • HOA Contact (s)
  • HOA Contact Type
  • Contact (Name, Address, Phone & Email)