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Access Real Estate Data and Recorded Documents withe Ease

Government agencies, from federal to local, depend on DataTree’s diverse set of real estate data, maps and recorded documents to meet specific goals. With nationwide coverage and real estate tools that enable efficient, timely property research, data acquisition and analysis, DataTree offers the breadth and depth of information that government personnel need to make informed decisions in key areas such as:

Urban planning and development

Transportation Logistics

New construction

Environmental Services


Emergency services

Code Enforcement

Public Works

DataTree delivers innovations designed for local, county, state and federal government personnel to search, acquire and share the property, homeowner and mortgage information needed to make better decisions in less time with greater confidence.

Search Smarter

An all-in-one, integrated search bar combines map, address, owner, APN and advanced search. It’s always present and always keeps you moving forward.

Interact with Maps

An Interactive map combines layers, search results, filters, zoom functionality and the ability to order products for single or multiple properties in an intuitive interface.

Explore Documents

FlexSearch™ unlocks the data once locked in billions of documents. You will be able to search billions of recorded document images to find any name, party, phrase or property.

Access Title Information

The Title Chain & Lien Report searches First American’s title plants and combines all related transactions recorded on both the property and the property owner. Links to the related document images are also included in the report. 

Leverage Abstractor Search

Request the retrieval of any property record across the nation including mortgages, deeds, assignments, transfers, releases, foreclosures and more.

DataTree Is the All-In-One Government Source for Property-Centric Information. Map Images Provide Incredible Detail:

Simply click properties on the map to generate a list of properties. From there you can view the property details..
Assessor Maps
Grid Maps
Parcel Maps
Plat Maps
Road Maps
Subdivision Maps
Town Site Maps
Tract Maps
The Right Map For You

Explore the Deeds and Recorded Documents Related to a Property and Ownership

Conveyance deeds

Purchase mortgages

Stand-alone mortgages

Mortgage subordinations

Mortgage assignments

Mortgage releases

Mortgage delinquencies


Federal and state liens

Mechanic’s Liens


UCC documents