Every property resides in a flood zone—it’s just a question of whether it’s in a low, moderate, or high risk area.

Order  Flood Reports directly through DataTree

DataTree delivers the following flood report options:

Basic Flood Determination
One-time determination valid on the completion date, and delivered on the FEMA standard form that states whether or not the property lies within a special flood hazard area.

Life-of-the-Loan Determination
Obtain an initial and ongoing determination as to whether or not the property lies within a special FEMA-designated flood hazard area for the life of a loan.  This is a fully transferrable Life-of-Loan product. 

FlexCert Determination
Provides information on whether the structure lies within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) on the date of determination and tracks the property during the life of loan for any flood map revision.  This determination provides the same flood data and tracking as our life of loan service without the added cost of servicing transferability.


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