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Search The Entire Text of Public Record Documents.

FlexSearch gives you both the precision and flexibility to search all of the text contained in billions of public record documents nationwide.

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Down the Street or across the Nation

ALL the Recorded Document Data Unlocked for 100% Document Search.

Search all the text of documents and instantly see the document results that contain that text.

FlexSearch Documents Nationwide.

You can perform a nationwide FlexSearch based upon:

• Full Document Text (that’s every single word!)
• County Name
• State Name
• Document Type
• Document Year
Down the Street or across the Nation

Only Order the Public Record Documents You Need.

Confirming a document contains the information you need before ordering ensures accurate results, reduces the documents you need to order and saves you money.
DataTree Order the Documents You Need.

Dive Deep With Advanced FlexSearch.

Create custom queries to search the content of recorded documents using both search phrases and public record data in a single, powerful search.


FlexSearch is integrated into every property search you do. Just look for the FlexSearch icon and you will able to view the results and access the related documents you may choose to order.

Why FlexSearch?

Other real estate data providers offer a limited set of data fields, typically just address, owner names or APN search fields that have been manually extracted from recorded documents or sourced from the county. This process results in a significant amount of important information within the county recorded documents that you are never able to access. This ultimately means: there is a significant amount of information in county recorded documents you may never discover. When you have access to all the data contained in documents across the United States, you gain insight that was once impossible to achieve. The possibilities to find common threads of data once locked in documents are now limitless – but only when you use FlexSearch.