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Data Driven Marketing Programs that Build Customer Engagement

Personalize the Client Experience to Make it More Predictive


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Having data in today’s technology-driven market isn’t just a want, it’s a need. But, not just any data - the right data to streamline your marketing, improve data quality and accuracy, and drive informed, confident decisions. DataTree® provides the property, homeownership, HOA and mortgage data to deliver on your marketing goals.


Data integration is leading the way to more personalized and predictive marketing programs. We can create a custom data solution to match your specific data and delivery needs to market to:

  • Existing and new Homeowners using nationwide Property Ownership data

  • Mortgage Insurers who need Deeds, Mortgages & Foreclosures data
  • Real Estate analytics providers who need Mortgage Assignments & Lien Releases

  • Mortgage Lenders and servicers that want Homeowner Association Information data
  • Home Builders that regularly need access to Maps & Parcel Boundaries data

  • Your target customers!


What are your strategic marketing goals for the next month? This year? Next year? Do you have the right data to help elevate your plans to the next level? DataTree’s property ownership data can help you achieve your goals and engage your customers through:
checkmark-blue Refined Customer Experiences
checkmark-blue Personalized Marketing Campaigns
checkmark-blue Multi-channel Marketing Campaigns

Home Finance Prediction Scores for Smart Marketing

Determine which homeowners are your prime prospects for refinance, purchase or home equity lending with home finance prediction scores. DataTree combines industry-leading homeowner, real estate and mortgage data with proprietary home finance prediction scores for advanced marketing insight.

DataTree Refi Intel Score Icon

Refi Intel ScoreMarket directly to prospects, or your current portfolio of customers, who are likely to refinance in the next 3-4 months. The Refi Intel score can be generated for FHA, Conventional and cash-out refinance.

DataTree Equity Intel Score

Equity Intel ScoreThe Equity Intel score provides an indication of which homeowners are likely to apply for a home equity loan or HELOC within the coming months.

DataTree Purchase Intel Score

Purchase Intel ScoreStay ahead of the competition, and maintain customer loyalty, using the Purchase Intel score to identify homeowners who are likely to sell their current property and obtain a new mortgage in 3-4 months.


Modern marketers use data to develop a 360-degree view of the customer, overcome business challenges and
embrace new opportunities. Here are a few examples of data-driven solutions.

Marketing & Promotions Firm

Identify and offer products and services to new homeowners based on recent sales using County Recorder Data to generate market lists of new property owners.

Banking & Financial Services

Target homeowners amongst current customers using Tax Assessor Data to offer mortgage refinance or equity loans.

Optimized Paid Search

Generate more impressions and better awareness among your audiences, with Google™ AdWords™; by displaying your offer online, specifically to those prospects who are on your direct mail lists. Customer Match lets marketers upload their own files into Google AdWords to target/exclude search and display ads to those users.


Target the right prospects at the right time. Create personalized data-driven campaigns. Build your brand strategy on the foundation of data. Precisely monitor and adjust marketing campaigns.