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Data To Focus Your Business on Your Members

DataTree Addresses The Challenges Credit Unions Face Today & Tomorrow

Ensuring your credit union provides superior member services, while staying current with technology and changing regulations is a challenge. Add the need to minimize risk and stay compliant, these are some of the realities your credit unions faces today and will no doubt continue into the future.


With these challenges, comes opportunity - and that opportunity is often found in meeting members’ needs and adding value to those needs. This means credit unions must continually find ways to enhance the member experience. Credit unions can find new member enhancing opportunities through data  - including improving your decision-making and work flow processes.


DataTree’s property-centric data is helping credit unions:


     • Acquire more members
     • Grow share of wallet with your existing members
     • Originate quality loans, faster


     • Minimize portfolio risk
     • Make sound lending decisions based on data

DataTree delivers innovations designed for credit union professionals to do more in less time with greater confidence through data.

Be Confident

With Verified Record, key fields in standard transactions are matched against independently sourced data and when a match is identified from at least two independent sources, the transaction is designated as “Verified” in our reports. This saves you time and money by minimizing your need for your own independent verification process.

Search Faster

Start your search and results instantly appear as you type.

Search Smarter

An all-in-one, integrated search bar combines map, address, owner, APN and advanced search. It’s always present and always keeps you moving forward.

Search Nationwide

With just an owner name or even a partial address, you’ll be able to search the entire nation.

Explore Documents

FlexSearch™ unlocks the data once locked in billions of documents. You will be able to search billions of recorded document images to find any name, party, phrase or property.

Get Connected

Perform a property search and you also be able to instantly view your results on connected sites including: Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com.

Instant Access To Current Property-Centric Information.

With DataTree, you’ll have instant access to the accurate, current property-centric information required to make confident lending decisions for your members including:

Transaction history

Lien History

Property Details


Sales Comparables

Interactive Search Tools

Chain of Title

Direct from First American’s title plants

Recorded Document Images

Over 6.5 Billion!