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First American Donates to Halo for Freedom Warrior Foundation

November 8, 2016 at 4:11 PM | Posted by Team DataTree


First American is proud to donate to special organizations that encompass a genuine mission to help others and make society a better place. The company is proud to have a history of donating to the Halo for Freedom Warrior Foundation, which encompasses this ideal and more. The foundation holds a special place in First American’s heart with its touch of patriotism and its humble beginnings started by founder Dana Bowman, a retired former member of the United States Army’s elite parachute team, The Golden Knights1.  After a tragic accident during training, Bowman lost both of his legs, and he is the first double amputee in history to reenlist in the U.S. army. First American was honored to have the opportunity to meet and speak with Bowman, gaining real insight into his legendary heroism and incredible foundation.

Halo for Freedom Warrior Foundation was started to show that physically challenged people can still work and excel in today’s society and military, emphasizing that “amputee and “useless” are not synonymous.2 The foundation first featured a Wounded Warrior Hog Hunt that takes wounded warriors and volunteers on a weekend adventure that allows them to participate in a thrilling hunt using helicopters, aircrafts, weapons and other advanced equipment. From this, the Weekend to Remember was born, an annual weekend adventure that has spread across the nation with different chapters in various states including Texas, South Dakota and Colorado. During Weekend to Remember, wounded veterans come together to enjoy daring activities such as tandem skydiving, riding in helicopters and competing in a three-gun shoot.

Bowman has undoubtedly helped countless wounded warriors with their struggle, reigniting their inherent drive for adventure and participate in social activities with others who share the same story.

Bowman’s support doesn’t stop there. He has had a hand in standing up for bullying among children – a growing problem in schools today. He has helped children with disabilities who have been bullied in school by meeting with them and encouraging them to have the confidence to stand up for themselves and lead a normal, fulfilling life. He may be an inspiration to others, but he let us know that his own inspiration is children and their spirit.

First American is proud to support the Halo for Freedom Warrior Foundation, and greatly looks forward seeing David Bowman develop its future. For this former elite parachutist, the sky is the limit.

To donate, please go to the Halo For Freedom Warrior Foundation at http://www.haloforfreedom.org/the-mission.html

1 http://www.haloforfreedom.org/the-mission.html

2    http://www.danabowman.com/

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