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Closing the Gaps

Is It All About the Economy?

Finally, Income Growth

The Home is a Family Formation Station

Homes and Marriage Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

Exploring The Trends Poised to Reshape Homeownership Demand

First American Donates to Halo for Freedom Warrior Foundation

First American is First to Offer 100 Percent U.S. Coverage in Property Ownership Data

Insight On Housing Starts and Millennial Home Buying

PACE Loans and the Opportunity for Home Improvement Contractors

PACE Loans and Their Impact on Home Sales

How to Streamline Your Mortgage Leads – And Increase Your Close Ratio

First American Launches “TotalView” Providing a Comprehensive View of Property Ownership, Encumbrance and Market Data in a Single Report

The Importance of HOA Data in Super Lien States

End the HELOC Marketing Struggles. Use Data To Tap Your Current Member Base

Military Funding Rules Are Changing: Are You Tapping Into This Market with Mortgage Offers?

The Housing Recovery Continues To March Forward

Skip the County Courthouse Hassle with DataTree’s True Legal and Vesting Report

Google Project Sunroof  + DataTree: The Perfect Match for Solar Companies

How Top Mortgage Professionals Target Ideal Loan Prospects with DataTree

Know the Property Data Before You Buy The Data

New DataTree enhancement: Access Property Listings and Listing Photos

Study Reveals: Borrower Education is Key to Successful Credit Union HELOC Lending

66% of Prospective HELOC Borrowers Don't Know They Can Refinance Debt with These Loans

Webinar: Advance Your Legal Research Using Real Property Information

Credit Unions See Significant Growth and Record-High Lending

Discover the Four Segment Dynamics Present in Today's HELOC Market

Educating Mortgage Specialists: The Need to Maintain a Credit Union's Digital Outreach

Leveraging Realtors as a Referral Source for Credit Unions

First American Expands Data Offering To Include Bulk licensing of Industry-Leading Real Estate Data

HELOC Customers Want to Shop Around Online, What You Can Get Them To Do To Shop with You

3 Factors that Will Drive new HELOC Accounts

Millennials with Equity: Targeting New Borrowers in an Online-Centric Market

Extending the Reach of Credit Union HELOCs: They Can Be Used for Many Needs.

Minimizing the Origination Hassles: How to Streamline Your HELOC Process to Keep Customers Interested

HUD Releases New Rule on Moving Fair Housing Forward

Analytics Are the Key to Gaining Customer Responsiveness for HELOC

5 Signs Your Credit Union Has an Excellent Real Estate Agent Partner

The New HELOC Market: Are You Ready for New Loans, on Different Terms?

How Credit Unions Create Relationships with Real Estate Agents

Marketing Banking Services to Millennials: Fun and Facts

Educating Borrowers on the Benefits of HELOC Loans Over Personal Loans

Data Is Critical to Securing Opportunities for HELOC Lenders

Overcoming Loan Overextension Concerns through Consumer Education

What Do Real Estate Agents Look for in a Lending Partner?

Tapping into Home Improvement Loans: How to Lure Customers Away from Personal Loans

Lender Operations | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 9


The Complications of Lending to Previous Short Sale Borrowers

Mortgage Eligibility | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 8

Why Chain of Title Reports Are Essential for Your Legal Clients

Borrower Eligibility and Qualification | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 7

Lending to Millennials: How to Fight the Bad Rep and Attract the Next Generation

Tapping Into the Home Equity Loan Market: Number of Delinquent Borrowers Is Dropping

Property Appraisal | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 6

Legal Research Is Made Easy and Effortless with DataTree's Simple and Thorough Research Tools

Property Eligibility | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 5

Borrower Assets | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 4

Flex Your Legal Case Research Muscle

Loan to Value and Max Mortgage Amount | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 3

Borrower Credit and Liabilities | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 2

The Legal Advantage: Data That’s Verified

Borrower Income | FHA Loan Defect Category Part 1

Let's Take a Look at the FHA Single Family Housing Loan Quality Assessment Methodology

Are You Attracting and Recruiting Millennials for Loan Officer Positions?

Exploring the FHA BluePrint for Access

Millions of People Could Refinance, But Don’t. What Can Lenders Do?

DataTree Key Advantages In An Infographic

Illinois Credit Union Uncovers Undisclosed Property During Prefunding Quality Control

DataTree Makes the Unknown, Known for Private Investigators and Attorneys

Advancing Real Estate Appraisals Through Technology

5 Ways Data Can Improve Your Credit Union's Local Success


DataTree: The Video That Launched It

DataTree Mobile – 99% of the U.S. Housing Stock In Your Hand.

DataTree Press Release - It's Official!


34 Counties Now Have More Documents

Reinventing DataTree

Calvada Surveying Saves Time With DataTree.com Case Study

Why The DocEdge.com Name Change?

DocEdge.com Is Now DataTree.com

Benefits of Client Centered Services


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