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Better Appraisals Through Better Data

With DataTree, you benefit from a single source for property information, sales comparables, maps and more, offering transparency and access to quality data from appraisal assignment to completion.

Appraisers Experience Increased Efficiency and Data Accuracy with DataTree

DataTree works the way appraisers need to work – fast – with greater insight into property information for quality appraisals.

Search SmarterAn all-in-one, integrated search bar combines map, address, owner, APN and advanced search. It’s always present and always keeps your appraisals moving forward.

Verified RecordLook for the Verified Record symbol on standard conveyances and mortgages, which means that key fields in the transaction have been digitally matched against multiple independent sources.

Easily Compare Properties The graphs and comparison grid in the Sales Comparables Report make it easy to compare the subject property to the other comparable sales, based on key criteria.

Interactive with Sales ComparablesDiscover the valuation of a property and identify on the map which homes were used as comparables. Select these properties to instantly update the Comparables Report.

Automatic Map ResultsWhen you perform a Property, APN, Owner or Custom Search, your results automatically appear on a map, so you will never have to leave your current search.

data leadership Rely on First American for its long history of data leadership in real estate finance and settlement services and for its unequaled database of property information and document images.

DataTree Is the Tool Appraisers Need for Researching Property Information

All the data, maps and reports appraisers need are available in one single, easy to use application. 

Property Details

Sales Comparables

Transaction History

Assessor Maps

Verified Record

DataTree Mobile

AMCs Ensure Quality Appraisals with DataTree

With lending institutions and regulator placing a greater emphasis on appraiser quality data,  Appraisal Management Companies rely on DataTree for more efficient appraisal quality control.  DataTree provides AMC’s with the property information, transaction history information, sales comparables, AVMs and more to provide the insight they need on a subject property and the local market. 

We switched to DataTree for vast availability of recorded documents, the convenience of our interactive GIS maps and the valuable feature to measure a parcel on an assessor's map.